What Our Clients Are Saying

A heart-felt thank you to all of our clients for visiting Domino Beauty Boutique. We deeply appreciate and are extremely grateful when our clients refer loved ones, friends and colleagues to us. It’s truly the highest compliment we could receive. Should you ever have an experience at Domino Beauty Boutique that did not meet your expectations, please contact Dana or Michelle, our co-owners and founders, by using our “contact us” form.


“My wedding was a unique situation, as it was a Sunday brunch at the Edgewater Hotel starting at 11:00 am. Prior to our special day, I met with both Pam and Jamie twice to get my makeup and hairstyle set.  Both times they were super professional and very sweet in taking my suggestions and working them in with their own.  The morning of the wedding, Pam and Jamie were troopers in not only coming into the salon at 7:00 am, but getting me a latte, providing soothing words for the stress and making me look absolutely beautiful.  They got me out on time (9:00 am) so that I could go to the hotel, get ready and have pictures taken before the wedding.  Afterwards, I asked my husband what he thought of the wedding and of course, my look that day, and he replied “it was flawless”.  I have Domino to thank for making me feel so special on my wedding day.  I would recommend them to anyone!” -Patricia W. (Yelp! review)

“My daughter recommended Tiffany and I would also recommend her and the shop. Friendly, professional and I like the hair cut.” -Karen D. (Frederick review)

“I came in for a quick face treatment recently and Mia was absolutely wonderful! I came in with a little redness and dry patches and she gave me some great advice about a few changes I could make to help with a few of my problem areas. The actual face treatment was extremely relaxing and their products smelled amazing! I will definitely go see Mia again!” -Lauren Z. (Yelp! review)

“My experience at Domino Beauty Boutique was really great! Emily worked with me to make sure I got exactly what I wanted (a subtle balayage and cut) and I am very happy with how my hair turned out! She takes her time and pays attention to every detail, I highly recommend her!” -Alex L. (Yelp! review)

“As usual, Jamie and Dana made me feel and look fabulous – Haircut, foil, brightening base, signature facial, brow wax and lash tint. Seriously – a one stop makeover. And I got to relax with some snacks while waiting for my hair to process. I’d recommend these ladies in a heartbeat, so book an appointment now and thank me later!” – Deb W. (DemandForce review)

“Ali has a great touch. My skin feels amazing!” -Teresa M. (Frederick review)

“Domino is a great neighborhood find! Emily put a streak of purple in my hair-she was really awesome and will now be in charge of both hiding my grey and putting in fun colors here and there.” -Lori P. (Yelp! review)

“I had a fantastic experience at Domino Beauty Boutique. It’s so cute and welcoming inside. Everyone was friendly and Ally made me feel right at home during my facial. She gave me great advice about my skin and was super awesome to chat with. I left feeling great, and I can’t wait to return!” -Natalie W. (Yelp! review)

“Each time I go I get rave reviews from friends and family, I am so glad I was told about Pamela by my daughter who also gets her hair done at Domino.” – Fran C. (DemandForce review)

“I had a great experience at Domino. I was welcomed with smiles and tea. Kara was nice and very knowledgeable. I will be back and would highly recommend.” -Mitch J. (Frederick review)

“Super friendly and got me in right away. Emily was incredibly helpful with helping me decide how to get my hair the way I want. Also got fit in for my eye brows waxed and they did a great job for everything!” – Holly H. (Yelp! review)

“Tiffany is excellent at cutting all types of hair.  My hair is very difficult and it’s hard to find someone that can cut it to my satisfaction.  Tiffany is that person!  The atmosphere at Domino is clean and comfortable.  It has upscale options without any bit of snobbery!” -Jessica R. (Yelp! review)

“When I first walked in to Domino Beauty Boutique I did not know what to expect. I was nervous it was going to be a hoity toity place and that I wouldn’t feel like I fit in at all. I was so wrong. Immediately you feel like you are walking into a place that is chic mixed in with homey. Gretchen greeted me like I was entering her home providing refreshments, taking my coat, showing me to where I can wait comfortably until it was my time. Tiffany was an awesome experience for a stylist. I stated maybe a few things I wanted and she went to town, creating exactly what I asked for. The decor is awesome and although it’s a small space, they maximize it perfectly. I can’t wait to try more of their services, cause they offer a lot! So stoked to have found this gem of a salon!” -Sophia L. (Yelp! review)

“Jamie does a great male haircut. The salon is fun and friendly.” – Tom F. (DemandForce review)

“Kara was amazing! She exactly got the color and style I wanted! Will definitely be back to see her!” -Mia K. (Frederick review)

“Checked this place out based on Yelp reviews, they are right on! Great haircut, price, friendly service, happy to have found my go-to place for hair care!” -Terry H. (Yelp! review)

“On my way to an exciting vacation and need my lashes looking beautiful! Thanks Michelle! I walked into Nordstrom’s right after and the salesperson enthusiastically complemented my beautiful eyes. When I told her I had lashes she said, “but they look so natural!” It’s why Michelle Vierra is the best in the business!” – Kristina P. (DemandForce review)

“Pamela is fantastic! I LOVE my haircut, and she explained her technique as she went so I was completely comfortable the whole time. I’m looking forward to going back!” – Kristina Z. (DemandForce review)

“The week of my wedding I had a false eyelash emergency and Ali at Domino saved the day. It may sound trivial, but 5 days before you get married the last thing you want is something uncomfortable and unsightly stuck to your face.  Some glue (that was NOT applied at Domino) had fused to my real lashes, and no removers or products could loosen it. Ali had a packed schedule but managed to squeeze me into her day, which I am so grateful for. I honestly don’t know how she did it but she managed to remove all of the glue and false lashes while saving all of my real ones, all while working quickly and being a joy to be around. I will definitely be returning to Domino in the future. Thank you Ali!” -Mallory L. (Yelp! review)

“Pam is the greatest! I couldn’t be happier!!” – Eric H. (DemandForce review)

“Got my hair color done by Tiffany and she did an EXCELLENT job.  Would definitely recommend her!  Also had work done by Emily and I was very happy with her as well.   She is very detail oriented and listened closely to my requests and delivered beautifully.
Would highly recommend both of these ladies!   They are both great!” -Alaleh M. (Yelp! review)

“Michelle is BOMB! She does my volume lashes every two weeks and it’s the best I’ve had and they last so long! I’ve gone to many places to get my lashes done and I’ve never had lashes that looked so FULL and natural before! She’s very gentle and meticulous and always gets every single lash, go see her!” -Thinh H. (Yelp! review)

“Dana is friendly, works quickly (I did bikini and eyebrow wax), and does exactly what you ask for. She’s great! The salon is cute and clean.” – Anonymous (DemandForce review)

“The facial given by Michelle is simply “the best” regardless of why you want to have a facial.  The overall service, accommodation, and pricing is all superior.  I have followed Michele for over a decade but enjoy the ambiance and vibe of her Beauty Boutique, Domino.  The Boutique offers all the standard services again with value prices.  Something you do not actually get there is the charitable nature of the staff.  You can participate with them or support their efforts throughout the year for Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  I recommend Michele Vieira’s facials highly. Both you skin and your spirit will benefit.” -Mary V. (Yelp! review)

“You provide a wonderful service in a very pleasant manner. Dana is always polite and remembers previous conversations which make me feel special. Thank you.” – Sally D. (DemandForce review)

“Love it every time. It’s like family there, and I’ve never been anything but jazzed with the results. Rock on, Domino!” – Erik F. (DemandForce review)

“My facial with Dana was so relaxing. It was like having a massage, I felt I was treated so special & with such skill & gentleness.. And the next day when I put my makeup on-it was like it was a new smooth face. So worth it. I need to make time to do it more frequently.” – Anonymous (DemandForce review)

“I found this salon from a Yelp! search.  The reviews really piqued my interest.  I reviewed their website and found that you could book an appointment online.  In a world overrun by technology, I feel under the spell.  It was the easiest process – very user friendly.  I had seen some great reviews for Tiffany and decided I wanted her to be my stylist and let me tell you – she did not disappoint.  She was really amazing and so friendly.  She listened to my crazy ranting and gave me her opinion.  I wanted a change and was scared of getting any highlights.  I was sick of the same old boring look.  She totally convinced me to do something fun so we went with balayage and I freaking love it.  Everyone in the store was lively and fun to talk to.  It is a very personable salon.  I’ve booked my next appointment and so happy that I decided to go with a fun style.  You have to check this place out!!” -Beth M. (Yelp! review)

“Great service, one of the fast brazilians that I have ever had. Great atmosphere as well.” – Angela G. (DemandForce review)

“Before I brought my mother to the salon for a perm, she was so excited for the makeover. I informed her before the appointment what services she could expect from Pam. When I returned to pick her up, she was extremely pleased and looking forward to her next appointment for a cut and a color. She said ‘Pam is such a sweet girl and really knows what she’s doing.’ She also said ‘When I had my snack, she provided a tray, plate, and a napkin.’ Thanks Pam for making my mother’s experience a pleasant one.” – Linda C. (DemandForce review)

“I have seen three different stylists and have always been happy with the result. Yesterday Emily colored (balayage) and cut my hair, and it was a great experience all the way around. Upbeat atmosphere, convenient location, and stylists who take the time to listen to and implement your vision. There’s no reason for me to consider going elsewhere.” -Angie H. (Yelp! review)

“I recently found this place and am very impressed. They always get me in very quickly and are great at accommodating my schedule, even for last minute appointments. Michelle is wonderful! would highly recommend going here. I’ve had a facial and eyebrow wax and I’m hoping to try more services.” – Anonymous (DemandForce review)

“The week of my wedding I had a false eyelash emergency and Ali at Domino saved the day. It may sound trivial, but 5 days before you get married the last thing you want is something uncomfortable and unsightly stuck to your face.  Some glue (that was NOT applied at Domino) had fused to my real lashes, and no removers or products could loosen it. Ali had a packed schedule but managed to squeeze me into her day, which I am so grateful for. I honestly don’t know how she did it but she managed to remove all of the glue and false lashes while saving all of my real ones, all while working quickly and being a joy to be around. I will definitely be returning to Domino in the future. Thank you Ali!: -Mallory L. (Yelp! review)

“A visit to Domino Beauty Boutique is always a treat! I especially enjoy the new Bio Facial (great is a series of three) and lash extensions (who needs mascara???) by Michelle. Domino Beauty is a little oasis of tranquility in my otherwise hectic schedule and a must for feeling and looking my best. Give Domino Beauty a try – you’ll be glad you did!” – Gayle K. (DemandForce review)

“First visit for a brow package and I loved it! No burning in my eyes during the last tint and a nice massage while the color took.” – Jessica B. (DemandForce review)

“Pamela did an amazing job on my unruly naturally curly hair. She listened to me & corrected a brassy color to a natural warm look! I’m very happy with my hair & will be back!!” – Becky R. (DemandForce review)

“Fantastic salon. I’ve been getting my hair styled by Pamela for several years and followed her to Domino Beauty Boutique. My whole family goes there for their hair styling needs now. The people are very friendly. The decor is lovely with some unique looks that I appreciate. Domino has also very recently added a bar area for their clients. Fabulous idea – some afternoons a cold “adult” beverage is delightful while being pampered. It’s too bad there isn’t an “11” rating available on the 1-10.” – Kiley D. (DemandForce review)

“I called Friday and was given an appointment for next day which is rare to happen. I was so grateful. Jamie was very quick at diagnosing my hair color issues and came up with a plan! She did seem to rush through but I couldn’t believe it… Gorgeous! There was a foil that had slipped and bled through. But she rectified it. It was a long procedure but I was entertained and happy with my hair. I am hard to please and she did fantastic! I’d highly recommend Jaime.” – Anonymous (DemandForce review)

“I have been going to Dana for years and she never disappoints! I see her routinely for eyebrow waxes and tints but I love to treat myself to a facial every now and again too!
I also have to give props to Pamela. She gave me an all-over color and it was the PERFECT red.  I love this place and will keep coming back because of the wonderful staff and the great/professional service they provide!” -Megan M. (Yelp! review)

“Booked on a whim as it is in my new neighborhood and was happily surprised-service wonderful, loved the cut and color and everyone so friendly-will definitely go back and was also happy to hear about their community service events-great place!” – Angie H. (DemandForce review)

“The best facial around. Dana is fabulous! The whole staff is welcoming and very friendly and professional.” – Marlene F. (DemandForce review)

“I was very pleased with my haircut and my daughter’s haircut. But the best part was that they were very patient with my 4 year old as she warmed up to the idea of sitting in the chair and getting her haircut. A good experience all around!” – Danielle E. (DemandForce review)

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