How to Create Smokey Eyes {make-up 101}

absolutely fabulous1We’re really excited to share this post! In reading over the comments from our recent survey, we saw so many of you wanted tips and how-tos for make-up and hair.

We thought it would be helpful to show you how to do a smokey eye for those special events and nights out. For this lesson, our hair stylist and make up specialist, Alysia, used a set of silvers, gray, and black for her smokey eye look. If you have questions about the steps below, wish for a one-on-one tutorial, or would like to explore other color combinations for your smokey eye look (like purples or browns with golds), please let us know next time you visit the salon.


Alysia’s smokey eye palette: primer, diamond eye shadow, silver mist eye shadow, gray stone eye shadow, ebony cream eyeliner, all available at our Glo-Minerals make up counter. To complete her look, Alysia applied Blinc lash primer and mascara.

Step 1: Spread the primer evenly from the brow, over the entire lid, to lash line. Alysia used a larger shadow brush to apply the primer. The primer helps the eye shadow and liner remain in place while keeping the color vibrant.


Step 2: The diamond eye shadow Alysia used accentuates brow bones and brightens inner eye. Brush evenly from brow, over the lid, to inner eye, and along the lash line.


Step 3: To create depth, Alysia used gray stone from crease, over the lid, to lash line.


Step 4: Using a blending brush (a small dome-shaped brush), Alysia spread grey stone eye shadow from outer corner and blend into crease. If needed, gently use the tip of your finger to blend.


Step 5: Aysia also used grey stone on the outer corner of the of the lower lash line (the outer half) with a small tipped brush and blend upward with upper eye make-up with a blending brush.


Step 6: Using a small tipped brush, she lined the upper lash line with ebony cream eyeliner. And finish with Blinc lash primer and mascara.


Ta-dah! It takes a little practice to blend (that’s the trick!) and if you make a mistake, try just removing that spot first (not all the eye make-up). Use a cotton swab or cotton pad, gently wipe away the mistake, and carry on.

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