Mother’s Day Contest! “My Mom Rocks Because…”

mothers day contest domino beauty boutiqueDoes your Mom rock? Did you have a Grandma, Aunt or other amazing woman in your life who wiped away your tears and held your hand as you learned to walk? Does your best friend juggle multiple roles and yet somehow still smiles when little sticky hands hold her face? Well, you’re in luck! You now have a chance to express your love and gratitude while telling the world about her!

Tell us how much she means to you in this post’s comments section (click on the little word bubble to the right of the post title) or on our Facebook page in the comments section under this post.*

Entries due by Thursday, 5/9/13. The winner will be announced Friday, 5/10/13. The winner’s mom – or lucky lady – will receive a pampering day here at Domino Beauty Boutique complete with hair, skin and massage services.

*One entry per person please.

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4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Contest! “My Mom Rocks Because…”

  1. My mom has helped me through the last ten years of the roughest, toughest, saddest moments of my life. She has been through the loss of her husband, my Dad 8 years ago. The following year my Grandmother died to colon cancer and I lost my best friend and ex-husband to Huntington’s Disease. Johnny and I met in 1994. We married in 1996…. legendary romance. He was my soul mate. In Salt lake city, we hiked, we danced, we cried, and we loved like nothing else. My mom and dad were only 3 hours away….WY is home now, family, Aunts, cousins, my brother and new husband, Darrell.

  2. My Sweet Mommy is the sweetest and most kind person I have ever had the pleasure of accompanying. She not only has she raised three boys and five dogs, no easy feat by far, but she has done so without losing any of the kindness and compassion she is known. Another equally astounding feat considering my brothers and I were quiet a handful. Not to mention the collective 320 collective pounds of dog.
    Recently we lost our Father, my mothers companion and husband of over 30 years. Nearly the same time her own father suffered a debilitating stroke and is bed ridden.
    Not to get a sob story going, but all this tragedy aside my sweet mommy has remained the gentle soul has always been. However, I can tell it has been hard on her, keeping up pretenses, while still coping with the pain. Mothers day weekend also contains my sweet Mom’s birthday as well. My late father was always a master of making the weekend a dream for her, organizing us boys into a mother worshipping trifecta, and I fear this mother’s day weekend will be especially hard with out my father and his traditional mother’s day extravaganza. I ask you to please consider and then re-consider my Mom for the Mother’s day pampering.

  3. My mother is my inspiration to strive in becoming a well rounded woman. Sophomore year of high school my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and her oncologist gave her 6 months to live. However my mother never took that for an answer and refused to be defeated promising my younger and sister she would never give up fighting. Even when they removed both her breasts, ovaries and lost her beautiful long brown hair she always told my sister and I those were just “things” and they don’t make you who you are. Even through the rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and complication not once did my mother complain or ask why this had happened to her. She always found something to smile and laugh about even when I couldn’t.

    I would love for my mother to win a day of pampering because she truly deserves it. Nothing has ever come easy for her and I would love for her to be spoiled for one whole day. I know deep down inside she’s still fighting her own demons and insecurities about her new body and would love for her to experience things that I hope would make her feel as beautiful as I see her.

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