Beauty Tip: Make a Date

makeup-calendarWe’ve all been there. Staring at a tube of mascara, trying to remember when it was first opened while knowing a new tube should be picked up. Here’s an easy tip: use the calendar on your smartphone to set a reminder.

Let’s say you opened a new tube of blinc mascara this morning. Before tossing the metal tube it came in, look for the little container-like image with a number in it. This number lets you know, in months, when you should replace the item after first use.

Using your smartphone’s calendar, enter an all-day event on the “expiration day”- for our example 4/18/13 – with a week reminder popping up to give time to restock.

Another tip: if it’s a favorite item, like lipstick or tinted moisturizer, be sure to include the color and any other details in the notes section so you have it handy when you’re restocking. Trying to remember if you have “Fire Walker” or “Fire Starter” should be the least of your worries.

Make it a beautiful day.

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