On Our Playlist: Whitney Houston

Music trivia* time! Dolly Parton wrote “I Will Always Love You” in 1973 while she and Porter Wagoner, her long-time mentor and partner, were professionally separating. The song was placed on her album Jolene, which was released later that year. “I Will Always Love You” reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs, making it one of the best-selling singles of 1974.

In 1982 the song was re-released on The Best Little Whorehouse of Texas soundtrack, which starred Parton, and peaked at #1 once again, making Parton the first artist to reach the top spot twice with the same song. And in 1985, after Parton re-recorded it as a duet with Vince Gill, the song reached #15. The song has been covered many other times since its orginial release including by Linda Ronstadt in 1975 and more recently by Chris Cornell during his solo tour in 2012.

The song however hadn’t reached the same initial reaction until it was covered by Whitney Houston for The Bodyguard soundtrack. The song, released on November 2, 1992 (20 years ago!), debuted on the Billboard Hot Songs 100 at #40 but quickly moved to the #1 position, where it spent 14 weeks, breaking her own to-date-record chart-topper “Greatest Love of All.” The soundtrack sold over 45 million copies worldwide and the movie was second highest-grossing movie of the year, right behind Disney’s Aladdin, worldwide

And to bring this back to Parton: she was one of the artists considered for the role that ultimately went to Houston. Chalk all of this up to “the one new thing” you learned today.

Make it a beautiful day.

*Research done via Bing, Wikipedia, The-Numbers.com and Billboard.com.

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