Lifesaver for Your Lashes

Are you a commitaphobic when it comes to lash extensions? Maybe tinting isn’t the answer for you? Or maybe you tried extensions, liked the look of them, but found for whatever reason, they just weren’t for you? No problem. We have an answer for you: blinc.

We’re super excited about carrying blinc mascara. In short blinc is a smudge-proof mascara that creates little mascara tubes around your lashes as you put it on, thus volumizing your lashes and mimicking the overall effect of lash extensions. The smudge proof aspect is perfect for the damp Seattle weather. blinc is also very easy to remove from your lashes; simply use water and soap and the tubes slip off your lashes.

Asia, a busy mom of two and owner of Sparrow Soirées, cannot stand to leave the house without a little mascara on – “it’s the smallest thing in the world, but makes me feel like I’m doing *something* for myself.” She tried lash extensions but realized with her day-to-day lifestyle they weren’t right for her and her eyes were sensitive to the extensions. So with high hopes after Dana told her about it, she tested blinc for two weeks to give it a fair shot.**

Her thoughts? “Total lifesaver. It worked so well especially in rainy weather we’ve been having lately. And LOVE that it really made my eyes pop even if I wasn’t wearing eye-shadow or eyeliner. And on those nights when I barely have enough energy to wash my face, I’m so thankful it comes off so easily so I don’t have racoon eyes the next morning.”

Her beauty routine in the morning leaves little time for fuss’n’muss. “Like many other parents, I have less than five minutes after my shower to dress, do my hair, and put make-up on before my almost four-year old comes walking into my bathroom asking what’s for breakfast, while hearing my one-year old playing in his crib, waiting for me. So, in short, whatever I do has to be very easy, quick, and fool-proof.”

Part of her daily beauty routine now? “Yes! At first I wasn’t sure because the wand was a little different from [her favorite drugstore brand], but by the third day I was use to it. I put blinc on right after I put on my moisturizer. I treat it like normal mascara, making sure it’s on right and careful of lash marks [when you blink and a lash leaves a little mascara mark on your eyelid], quickly do whatever else to get ready and before leaving the bathroom I add the second coat if I have that 30 seconds. Before walking out the door or while waiting for the car to warm up, I have a 22-year habit to double-check my make-up and any lash marks I might have missed, but blinc seems to dry very fast so it’s pretty rare for me to spot mishaps.”

Have you tried blinc yet? If not, pick up a tube next time you’re at the shop, try it out and tell us what you think of it. And be sure to share your before/after pictures too!

{image & additional product information}
**Asia bought her own tube of blinc for this product review.

One thought on “Lifesaver for Your Lashes

  1. I love this stuff! The best part is that you don’t get that glop of black gunk in the corner of your eyes. They also have a brown mousse that is THE BEST. It shapes your brows and gives them a little color – and stays put all day. Thanks Michelle for convincing me to give “tubing” my lashes a try!

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