It’s in the Bag: Safely Sunkissed

The fabulous Pamela, a corporate training manager, recently came in for all over color and haircut with Jamie. This trainer’s favorite beauty routine item? She loves make-up remover towelettes.

In her bag her favorite items are 1) Satin D Sol tanning creme (we love the safe sun-kissed look!); 2) Emerald Queen Casino cash out voucher for 35 cents, and 3) a FitBit, which tops her list of favorite items.

(On a healthy note – have you heard about FitBit yet? It’s a wi-fi device that packs a punch, starting with tracking the number of steps you take. It’s very slim and small making it very discreet whether it’s clipped on your waistband or in your pocket. Whether you want to lose 5lbs or 50lbs, or just wish get healthy, this little guy provides a great jumpstart in becoming aware of your daily activity levels. Get more info here. And no – this is NOT a paid advertisement; just passing the good word on.)

Thanks for making it a beautiful day Pamela!

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