It’s in the Bag: Excellent TLC

Visiting from Vashon Island, Sandra, a hairstylist with decades of experience, came in the Ultimate Bliss Facial and brow wax with brow tinting.

Sandra’s shiny bag is a non-leather material found at a Vashon boutique. And what can’t a hairstylist live without? 1) Eclipse gum, 2) Anne Klein glasses, and 3) iPhone and planner to book her clients and her own beauty treatments.

As for Sandra’s favorite beauty regimen: alternating monthly facials with monthly body scrubs so nothing is neglected. This sounds like an excellent way to get some much needed TLC.

One thought on “It’s in the Bag: Excellent TLC

  1. Thanx Dana, for always pampering me.
    I will follow you where ever you go because you’re the only one I trust to do my brows

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