It’s in the Bag: Coco & Wristlet Wallet

Our first “It’s in the Bag” belongs to Asia, owner of Sparrow Soirées and busy mom of two boys. What can’t she leave the house without?

1) The Gospel According to Coco Chanel by Karen Karbo: “I’m currently obsessed with Coco’s modern woman philosophy and all the mystery surrounding her life.”

2) Wristlet wallet: “My lifesaver when one arm is holding a tot and the other arm is holding a giant package. And it’s orange! So easy to spot in the depths of any bag.”

3) Mini bag: “I am constantly changing bags depending on what I’m doing or where I’m going, so I keep my essentials in this little guy.”

BTW, we took a peek in the mini bag and she keeps chapstick, lip gloss, ponytail elastics, bobby pins, earbuds, mini box of crayons, a Sharpie and a handful of other small items in there. Hmmm… that actually seems so much easier instead of fishing items out from the bottom of the purse when you’re in a rush. What say you?

One thought on “It’s in the Bag: Coco & Wristlet Wallet

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